Cumberland Trail Spring Festival!


Sandrock Recordings CDs will be available for sale at the 2016 Cumberland Trail Spring Festival at Ivy Academy Chattanooga.  For more information, visit: this page.

Sandrock Recordings CDs are In Select Stores!

Why! Look at us, Rachel!

Great News! You can now purchase select Sandrock Recordings CDs at these retailers: Cumberland Mountain State Park East Tennessee Historical Society Cleff’d Ear Productions Pickett State Park Fall Creek Falls    

It’s About the Music

Here at Sandrock Recordings, we are as devoted to our musicians as we are to you, our audience. We love you both! But, without these musicians, you would never be able to hear their previously unsung histories. Their voices have not been documented anywhere else. For that reason, it was every bit as important to […]


Registration is Open! Join us for the fourth annual Ride for the Cumberland Trail, Saturday, August 6–a motorcycle tour to benefit the Cu...full details