What’s Next?

We’ve got a few goodies planned for the near future: SR1012 – Family Songs & New Deal Appeals: Hear selections from Sidney Robertson Cowell’s historic 1936 field recordings made at the Cumberland Homesteads on behalf of the Resettlement Administration. We’ve worked with Appalachia Cares (AmeriCorps) and the Library of Congress Archive of Folk Song and […]

Where can I get Sandrock Recordings CDs?


We’ve had a number of inquiries from customers who would prefer a CD product to a digital download and want to know where to get CDs. Unfortunately, because of staffing limitations, we aren’t able to manage fulfillment of a full-scale CD sales operation at this time.  We do have a wholesale operation, and a number […]

NPR Feature on Bobby Fulcher’s Folklore Work

John Sharp 1 978x320

Welcome Weekend Edition listeners! Last night, we started getting notices of album sales, comments and inquiries and discovered that WMOT in Murfreesboro, Tennessee had run a feature on Cumberland Trail manager Bobby Fulcher and his work to document the songs, stories and history of the Cumberland Plateau. We knew the story was in the works, but […]

Sandrock Blog:

Have You Hiked on the Cumberland Trail?

View from the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail at Big Rock Creek.  Photo by Peter C. Koczera for the Cumberland Trail Photography Project.

Sandrock Recordings is a small, non-profit record label that specializes in music related to the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee and surrounding areas.  When you purchase Sandrock Recordings titles, half of the proceeds go to the artists or artist heirs who are represented by our label.  The other half will sustain the project, and eventually […]


Head of Sequatchie Open Day!

Saturday September 5
Enjoy a day on The Cumberland Trail at the monthly Head of Sequatchie opening. The area will be open from 8am to 4:30pm (CST). Additional ...full details
The Cumberland Trail is recruiting volunteers to build trail at North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Natural Area on National Public Lands Da...full details